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The Court Theatre


The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre are closed for the time being due to restoration and renovation

A short virtual visit in the Court Theatre

English speak. Video (10 min.) from 2020, A Kennedy Production, speak: Thomas Magnussen


Booklet: download booklet about The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre here
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The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre
Christiansborg Ridebane 18
DK-1218 København K
E-mail: info@teatermuseet.dk

Movie about The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre (30 minutes) – english subtitles
The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre is one of Denmark's oldest special museums  in the oldest still working theatre house, The Court Theatre. During 2018 and 2019 the internationally recognized video artist Julie Born Schwartz has recorded and produced a beautiful and atmospheric film about The Court Theatre. The renowned composer Louise Alenius has written and produced the music for the film, which emphasizes the unique atmosphere of the film and The Court Theatre. The movie can be seen here

What is The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre – and where is it?
The Court Theatre is over 250 years old. It opened in 1767 as the king's theatre; Hans Christian Andersen and Countess Danner among others have performed here. Today The Court Theatre is the oldest theatre building in working order in Denmark; at the same time it is open to royals, politicians and artists as well as visitors of any kind.  In the green room at the back of the balcony you will find a unique model of The Court Theatre, as it looked inside and outside at the opening in 1767. The model shows in full the impressive auditorium and stage of The Court Theatre with scenery, ceiling decorations, chandeliers, etc.

As a visitor you have access to the entire theatre: to the auditorium, to the sloping stage, to the balconies and the small boxes where kings and queens, princes and princesses have been sitting and are sitting till this day when attending performances and concerts.The Court Theatre includes the Theatre Museum and is situated at Christiansborg Riding ground right behind the Danish Parliament (Folketinget), in the middle of the living history of Denmark – in the middle of Castle Island (Slotsholmen), which for centuries has been an important part of the arts, war, politics and the centre of power. Today The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre is the centre of a broad spectre of museum-activities and culturel arrangements and events.

During the 1770s the Court Theatre was an active institution in the development of a political and artistic debate. Having served as arsenal, that is to say a place where you stored weapons, rusting armour and riding gear, in 1766 the building was made into a neoclassical room in pearl grey and gold, where the balconies were supported by 22 columns, typical of the time and in the style of other European court theatres. Today you still find traces of the original neoclassical theatre in the entrance and in the foyer. In the early 1840s the last absolute king, Christian VIII arranged for the Court Theatre to be renovated and transformed it to a Biedermeier interior of red velvet and lodges, as you still can see it in the auditorium. » Read more about the Court Theatre and the Theatre Museum

From May to September 2015 we showed an exiting European exhibition called The History of Europe – told by its theatres. The History of Europe – told by its theatres dives into archives of theatres and museums and displays a panorama over 2500 years of European theatre culture. The History of Europe – told by its theatres also shows how over time theatre culture has been a frontrunner in breaking and crossing borders, and how the theatre has influenced and still influences the political power and governance through time towards democracy. The History of Europe – told by its theatres is organized by PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres in Europe. This is a travelling exhibition and had its final destination is at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2017. » read more about Historic Theatres in Europe here

Mission and vision
The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre develops and disseminates historical and current knowledge about Danish theatre and performing arts in and from the context of the old Court Theatre from 1767. It is also the task of The Theatre Museum to cherish and maintain the Court Theatre for its unique, cultural and historical values in a national as well as an international context. The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre is an empathetic, open, vibrant and courageous host and curator of activities in and around the museum and the Court Theatre. Theatre and the performing arts are the reflection of the cultural, intellectual and social atmosphere of the time. The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre is Denmark's key player for study, discussion and dissemination of past, present and future cultural trends, such as they are reflected in and presented by the theatre and the performing arts.